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TRACK 15: Understanding the Actors: Actor-Network Theory in ICT for Development Research
Track Chairs:
Antonio Díaz Andrade
Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
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Cathy Urquhart
Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
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Track Description
This track addresses ways we can leverage actor-network theory (ANT) in the field of information and communication technology for development (ICT4D). ANT is concerned with how actors establish and are enrolled in networks. The conceptual elements of ANT – such as the assumption of symmetry between society and technology, alignment and coordination between actors, as well as substantial, material and procedural devices – allow the observation of the intricate arrangement of human and nonhuman actors – in other words, the socio-technical network – that comprise ICT4D initiatives.
The main advantage of ANT when it comes to studying ICT4D resides in its ability to allow the researcher to analyse how some actors attract interest in others around the proposed innovation. This characteristic is particularly important in the context of ICT4D initiatives, where users engagement cannot be mandated and technological networks are intended to be superimposed on existing social networks.
For this track, we welcome papers addressing, but not restricted to, the following topics:

Leveraging ANT concepts in ICT4D research
Establishing of network of actors in an ICT4D project
Mediating actors in development
Dynamics of the sociology of translation when establishing and implementing ICT4D projects
Actors’ voices and agency in ICT4D
The challenges of non mandated use and how this plays out in the network of an ICT4D project
Enmeshing technological and social networks in ICT4D projects
The role of both human and nonhuman actors in ICT4D
Power issues in deploying the network from an ANT perspective

Call For Papers: February 24th 2012
Submission of papers: 23rd November 2012
Decisions: 14th January 2013
Final Submission:  1st March 2013

Submission Information
For paper format and submission guidelines please refer to the main conference website.